A question to myself.

Welcome! Glad you found your way to this blog. Actually, if you ended up here reading this the only explanation is that you know me and ask yourself… well honestly I have no idea what you might ask yourself but I know what I am asking myself: Why am I doing this blog? And I can’t even give you the answer to that!

Maybe because I have been saying for nearly 5 years that I should start a blog as it would be fun to write and later read about my little adventures, maybe because recently I have more and more friends asking me where they should travel next or maybe because I just want to tell you about that amazing restaurant in Rome or how I found love just outside of Rio de Janeiro (“Finding my true love” – Brazil)and about all the other little weird habits I picked up while travelling.

But let’s start slowly, right now I am back in good (c)old Germany after 17 1/2 months of travelling and I will try to work my way through the last years to be more specific, I will start with that day nearly 5 years ago when I said I should start a blog ( Not quit but nearly “Do you only travel for food?” – Rome).

So pass by once in a while and see what I have been up to the last years and where I am going next because everybody who knows me knows one thing; I can’t stay in a country for too long .. especially if it is Berlin!


Your Crazy Bambi

Published by leacrazybambi

The word that describes me best is "Fernweh" and you are going to find out what it means to me! Including spicy food, trying out Vegan food, accidentally ordering 'Shit', finding my true love, realizing everything is possible and hopefully ending up finding that place I will call home.

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