“Are you still on holidays?”


After more than a year away from Europe some people were surprised I am still ‘on holidays’. So yes, I did win the lottery that is the reason ..it is not! Nor do my parents pay for everything for me. I did exactly what you are doing at home as well, I worked.

While in Australia (on the Work & Travel Visa) I worked most of my stay there and saved a lot of money. The minimum wage I earned was $20 per hour in a country pub, add extra for after hour work (after 8 pm) and weekends.

To be honest, I need to learn a lot about budgeting as sometimes I am in a mood where I just don’t give a fuck and buy whatever I want. Walking around for 9 months in the same wardrobe doesn’t help. So, how do I save money at home and while travelling?

  • Usually, I would cook bigger amounts and store some in my freezer. Sometimes I end up eating 3 days in a row the same thing for lunch but that’s ok.
  • Cooking Vegetarian / Vegan at home; better for your health & the environment, no animals get harmed & you save money
  • Only buying what I really need and not wasting/throwing food away either
  • Whenever I want to buy new clothes I ask myself if I really need them. When I decided against it I put the money I would have to spend on it in my piggy bank
  • While we are at it, get rid of things you don’t need and try to sell them
  • Instead of going out, have drinks at home or cook with your friends
  • quit smoking
  • stop drinking (impossible for me) or stop for a few months, only drink once a month etc.
  • Use your bike as much as you can (saved me 90€ per month)
  • Budget; give yourself a fixed amount for the week; food, toiletries etc

While travelling

  • Travel during low season = hotels/hostels can be half the price
  • Organize in advance, ie bigger events like Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro 2019
  • Think about what you really need, pro you will also have less to carry
  • Compare prices
  • In some countries, its part of their culture to haggle, so do it but be careful! We don’t want to exploit the locals and save money on their cost right?
  • Try to avoid touristy restaurants as it is going to be more expensive
  • Don’t buy drinks, snacks etc at tourist attractions
  • Get yourself a LifeStraw bottle, you can refill it on the normal tab EVERYWHERE and it filters your water = you don’t have to buy water and you reduce plastic waste
  • If you want and that is your thing; work abroad (Australia, NZ, Canada, Japan, to name a few) perfect to get to know the country and earn money while doing it
  • Work in another European country (when you are European)
  • Volunteering; work a few hours a day for accommodation (check if you need a visa)

By all means, I am not saying you shouldn’t buy anything nor eat out, just that you should think a bit more about it. Some people say “they don’t have the money to travel” but at the same time they throw away food = that’s like throwing away money. I am pretty sure that there are loads of other options to save money for a trip or while travelling and working abroad.

So yes, I am still on “holidays” or maybe just searching for a home.




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The word that describes me best is "Fernweh" and you are going to find out what it means to me! Including spicy food, trying out Vegan food, accidentally ordering 'Shit', finding my true love, realizing everything is possible and hopefully ending up finding that place I will call home.

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