Have the courage to live




“It is the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life so interesting”

– Paulo Coelho



One of the hardest things in life might be to figure out what you want to do with it or how you want to live it. Growing up in Germany it feels like you were born here so you are supposed to live here. Do your school, go to uni, get a job, have a flat, a boyfriend / girlfriend, a dog, a child ..work in a job you don’t really like so you can pay the flat you don’t have time to enjoy, waiting for the weekend to end up being too tired to do anything, wait for a holiday wishing it could last a bit longer. But I mean, this is how it should be right? Everybody has this life, so we accept it.

“You still didn’t get tired of the beach? (…) it would change if you lived here, you’d get used to it!” … it is easy to say now that I would never get used to it, I might get used to it. But isn’t this when we lose something? When we get used to so little but so magical things? I always had this kind of attraction to the ocean. So when I ended up staying one month in a surf neighbourhood outside of the centre of Rio de Janeiro, going to the beach everyday and surfing every day, being outside the whole time. This is when I realized that this is the life I want. To be in my bikini and my dirty jeans shorts (because I only got one pair), my hair in braids so that you don’t realize I didn’t have a real shower in way too long, barefoot and drinking out of a coconut. You might say, yeah but you can’t live like this, this is holidays, you need to work blah blah blah. Yes, that might be a bubble but as a wise soul said once “We kind of all live in bubbles, so why not choose the one you like most?”

So yes this is what I will do now. Try to find a way to travel the world but always go back home to my little bubble. Even though I haven’t achieved this yet and my dream might change in the future but I am still a step closer. Now I live just a little bus ride away from the ocean and there are even some surf spots.

Why all of this? Maybe just to show you that no dream is crazy enough and you should dare to dream big. In the end, what can really go wrong? The worst thing that could happen is that we fail? But rather fail to try than never trying : )

” Someday we will all die, Snoopy!”

” True but on all other days, we will not!”

Published by leacrazybambi

The word that describes me best is "Fernweh" and you are going to find out what it means to me! Including spicy food, trying out Vegan food, accidentally ordering 'Shit', finding my true love, realizing everything is possible and hopefully ending up finding that place I will call home.

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