Feminism is …

Mulheres sem medo de lutar!

This past year I started to ask me a lot of question about gender roles: why do men are entitled to behave a specific way and the excuse is “Oh but they are men!” , why should I under no circumstances let people know I have nipples or even show them when in the meantime men walk around shirtless, why are we supposed to be weak while men are strong?

54255363_10217987735114342_1371903998491099136_nFeminism isn’t about women being better than men, it’s about being equals yet different. Women can and are strong! Men can and should show feelings! We are both human beings, different and the same at the same time.

Feminism is about having the right to vote for women in every country.

Feminism is about having the same work rights, the same pay no matter if your black or white, men or women!

Feminism is about owning our bodies, having the right to say no and being respected for that! #MyBodyMyChoice #MeuCorpoMinhasRegras

Feminism is about dressing the way I want if that means fully covered or nacked. #MyChoice

Feminism is about educating girls, boys, women and men about periods. -> watch “Period. End of Sentence” on Netflix.

Feminism is about sex education, we are not here for male entertainment. Sex is about the pleasure of two individuals!

Feminism is about stopping blaming the victims of rape. Stop finding 1000 reasons how to not get rapped but instead holding the abuser accountable for their actions #nãoénão
Nobody asks for rape; just google the word “rape”!

Feminism is about getting a legal and free abortion if I want it, no matter the reason! #legalizeabortions #legalizaçãodoabortonobrasil

Feminism is about stopping to slut shame successful women!

Feminism is about taking care of each other and building each other up! #GirlPower #GRLPWR

Feminism is about owning my life, no matter my skin colour, religion, social status or nationality!

Feminism is about being way more than just beautiful!

Feminism is about having the right to love whoever I want!

Feminism is about being whoever I want to be #lgbtq

Feminism is about stopping violence against women and trans-women

Feminism is about fighting until the day we are all equals ✊🏽💜 .

Thank you to the strong women I met and to the things you taught me! Thank you to the women I will meet and who will teach me more! Thank you to the women I might never meet, we are still in this together!


Read here about the Feminist Bloco Mulheres Rodadas 2019 and about my First 8M march – Rio de Janeiro

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