“Small but Oho” – Vegan Food in Strasbourg

I wrote and visited most of these places in 2019 and 2020. Due to the pandemic and the lockdowns in 2020, I am not 100% sure if all these places are still open. 

“Klein aber Oho” the literal translation would be ‘Small but powerfull’ in english. Strasbourg is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway. When traveling as a vegan, you might think that the vegan possibilities might be limited compared to big cities but even a smaller town like Strasbourg is slowly catching up and even has all-vegan restaurants. Find here some of my favorite places.

Vélicious Burger (20 Grand’Rue)
I have two places where I would eat regularly, one was Vélicious Burger. Located close to the central train station, I often had a burger after work. They serve Vegan Burgers as well as fries, salads, and different desserts. They usually have five burgers Queen Cheese, Le Gigolo, Fakir, Spicy BBQ, Toffou, and The Burger Du Moment, which changes once in a while. The menu with a burger, salad or fries and a drink cost 13 €. They also have delicious vegan muffins. I love the speculate one! They do not use plastic and all their packaging is biodegradable, even the bottles are recyclable. You can get a loyalty card, where you’ll get a stamp for every 10€ order, after five you get a dessert for free and after ten you get a burger for free. Once the card is full bring back the card and they will plant a tree.

(15 Rue de la Croix)
Y’all who does not love pizza?! I do for sure, so I just had to try out that place. To be honest, if you have ever been to Italy (like me “Do you only travel for food?” – Rome) you will realize those are not real pizza. It was more of grilled bread with fancier toppings like artichokes, pine nuts and similar. I had one slice of the vegan pizza with artichokes, pine nuts and arugula, and another one with tomatoes and basil. I have to say, even though it cannot be compared to a real pizza, it was still tasty and you should check it out.

Vélicious (43 Rue Geiler)
The first 100% vegan restaurant in Strasbourg, where they serve sandwiches, vegan hot dogs and more during lunch and dinner time. Outside of these hours no meals are available (at least that is what I was told when I was there), just cakes, tea and coffee. I have to say that the location does not look that great but the cakes are so worth it! Opéra is one of my favorite ones! Oh heck, I’d recommend you all of their cakes. All of the ones I had were delicious. And yes, usually we have three cakes for two people 🙂 I mean, French cakes are rather small especially compared to German ones so …why not?!

Copper Branch (39 Rue du Vieux-Marché-aux-Vins)
Just a few meters from the tram stop Homme de fer you will find Copper Branch which is a Canadian branch store. They do not have the original menu but changed it a bit so that it includes only local products. Big yay!
We were completely lost in what to order but their staff is extremely friendly and helped us choose.

Cigkoftem (3 Place du Vieux-Marché-aux-Vins)
I found them on the website HappyCow according to which they are an International franchise specializing in Turkish vegan kofte made of wheat, tomatoes, and spices and served in a burger, wrap, or with durum. Unfortunately, I did not make it to this place but I think there is one in Berlin too. I might check it out just for the sake of it.

As not a lot of completely vegan restaurants exist in Strasbourg, I also checked for restaurants who have vegan and vegetarian options, which is also good if you are with friends or family who are not Vegan and still want other option.

Le Tarbouche
(22 Rue de la Krutenau)
Already ten years ago I used to go to this restaurant with my mom, it was and still is one of my favorite places. Back then, my favorite meal was the shawarma plate. But as I realized recently, they do have a lot of vegetarian options like the Assiètte Tarbouche with falafels, hummus, baba ganouj, and taboulé or the Assiètte Végétarienne with falafels, hummus, and salad. While writing this, I get super hungry and would love to have one of their plates right in front of me.

Lamian (20 Rue du Fossé-des-Tanneurs)
Way too late did I check out this Chinese noodle restaurant because it was unbelievably good. As a starter, we had some kind of fried dumplings they were so good we ordered them straight again. As this restaurant is rather big, I would say that it is not necessary to have a reservation. Yet I cannot say what it would look like on weekends as we went during the week.

(1 Rue de la Demi Lune)
My absolute favorite places! Am I saying this for nearly every second restaurant? No, but really because firstly, the interior is just beautiful and secondly, the food is delicious. They serve middle-eastern, Israeli, and Greek-influenced food like pide, böreck, or houmus, which come in small bowls perfect to share with friends. The baba ganoush (pictured) is one of my favorite dishes there. I order it every time I go there! Usually, I order a few different things, well actually I order way too much but ok. You should try their homemade lemonade or have one of their very unique cocktails.

Tibetan Momos (12 Grand’Rue)
Right next to Vélicious you will find Momos. It is a small place with only about 6 or 8 seating available inside and about the same amount outside. They serve traditional Tibetan Momos, which are steamed and filled dumplings. The whole place is covered in traditional decoration and different newspaper articles.

Ganesha Restaurant (46 Rue de Zurich)
As you might have guessed, this is an Indian restaurant with some vegetarian dishes like samosas, dal, aloo gobi, Punjabi bharta, kofta, bhendi masala, and mushroom bhaji. They do have vegetarian curries, which they can make vegan on request. The staff is very friendly and helpful in trying to figure out what you want. The atmosphere was a bit well not my cup of tea because there were so many objects like golden garland and pictures hanging around, which was just a bit too much for me.

Abyssinia (5 Rue des Pïens)
Abyssinia is an Ethiopian restaurant with traditional food, traditional objects as decoration, and pictures. All the ordered main dishes are served on a big plate, which you will eat with your fingers. After traveling through Asia (enter), I am such a fan of eating with your fingers. Vegetarian and vegan choices are available. This restaurant is not the place for a quick and cheap meal but rather for a nice and special evening. Lunch prices might be more affordable though. Btw Ethiopia was formerly called Abyssinia (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9yE0fQV89Q)

Venezolatino (8 Rue des Bouchers)
Venezuelan restaurant serving meat, but vegan options are available like arepas and burritos. Almost every vegetarian item with cheese can be made into a vegan dish if you ask (except empanadas). This place was on my to-go list for such a long time even though I planed a few times to go there I never made it.

PUR etc. (Different locations all over Strasbourg)
or as they call themselves, FAST GOOD. They have different locations but I have only been to the one in Grande Rue. There I had a freshly pressed juice and a piece of cake. They do have salty snacks, like quiche, quinoa salad, and sandwiches. And according to their website, they do also prepare meals like soup, lasagne, and other meals. It does change though, as they use seasonal and local products.

Bagel Corner (71 Grand’Rue)
I have never been very much into bagels which, might be because bagels were never really a big thing in France nor Germany. You could find them, yes, but usually baguette or Brötchen would be used for sandwiches. But after trying bagels in Brighton (read more about it here Brighton – Gay Capital & Vegan Paradise) I just had to try out this place in Strasbourg. I do have to say that the bagel in Brighton was, according to my friend, one of the best ones she ever had, so you might not be surprised that the bagel from Bagel Corner could not hold up to it.

La Graffateria (8 Petite Rue de la Course)
Only a short walk away from the central train station, you will find La Graffateria. Belonging to a hostel you might have to take the hostel entrance as the cafe area gets only busier in the evenings with the doors open onto the streets and a Dj playing music. As I went there during the day and only had a coffee and a cookie, I cannot tell if they have food during the day. They do offer brunches on the weekends though, for which you should make a reservation.

What The Cake? (51 Rue du Fossé-des-Tanneurs)
This cozy café with loads of mixed old school armchairs is just perfect for some cake and coffee. The m&ms brownie (not vegan though) is amaziiinggg, especially if you are a chocolate fanatic. The carrot cake is super fluffy and delicious, and I am usually not too much of a carrot cake fan. The same goes for the rose muffin which is delicious and just looked beautiful. I spend a lot of time there, trying their different cakes. If alone or with some friend, What The Cake? is a must go. ** Currently dreaming about their cakes**

Oh my Goodness Café (13 Rue de la 1ère Armée)
Another cozy cafeteria-style cafe. Freshly pressed juices and vegan alternatives are available. Come for brunch or get comfy while reading a book or playing some games, both available in the cafe for use.

Strasbourg might not be a vegan paradise, like LondonBrighton, or even Berlin. And obviously, you will find way more options in Paris (Some of my favorite Vegan spots in Paris), but I think this is already a good beginning.


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