Environment – What can we as individuals do? (4)

Yes, I did still not give up on this one! Especially after all the fires in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil as well as Bolivia, fires in Indonesia and Malaysia and so so many other countries. By now we should all know that a lot of these fires were not an accident but were litContinue reading “Environment – What can we as individuals do? (4)”


“Finding my true love” – Brazil

Brazil; Copacabana and Ipanema, tanned oily bodies in the smallest bikinis sipping on a caipirinha or playing football or volleyball. Samba dancers in even shorter costumes, feathers and sparkles. Carnaval and soccer on one side, favelas and crimes on the other. These are the first things that come to our minds when we hear Brazil.Continue reading ““Finding my true love” – Brazil”

Environmental Demonstration – Strasbourg

These recent times I more and more believe that us the ‘little people’ who think our voices are not heard, can make a change. “A lot of small actions multiplied by millions can change the world”. How often did we not speak out about something because we thought we would remain unheard or think thatContinue reading “Environmental Demonstration – Strasbourg”

Feminist Bloco Mulheres Rodadas 2019

Earlier this year I met some pretty amazing women and they made me think more about feminism. Obviously, when I found out there is a feminist bloco I had to go! As you can find out in Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro 2019, I felt like the Bloco das Mulheres Rodadas deserved its’ own post. […]

Lets’ say week 3: Vegan & Plastic-free

As already mentioned in Week 1: Vegan & Plastic-free Life or was it Vegan & Plastic-free Life – Second try? This is not my first time trying out a vegan diet. In fact, it all started with a vegan cookbook 6 years ago, back when I was a vegetarian or actually a pescetarian as IContinue reading “Lets’ say week 3: Vegan & Plastic-free”

Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro 2019

During summer 2017 – 2018 I went for the first time to Brazil. I felt so in love with the country, met amazing people, started surfing and learning Portuguese so I decided to change my return ticket just to stay a little longer. With the German passport, you can stay up to 90 days andContinue reading “Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro 2019”

Vegan & Plastic-free Life – Second try

You really thought I would give up so easy on living vegan and plastic-free?! As already mentioned in Week 1: Vegan & Plastic-free Life I went to France and was staying at my cousins’, aunts and then my grandparents’ place. And being the only vegetarian in the family, well it is not easy. You couldContinue reading “Vegan & Plastic-free Life – Second try”

First 8M march – Rio de Janeiro

Recently I met a few women more active in Feminism which also made me think more about it. So I was so thrilled when one of the girls messaged me asking if I wanted to go to the women’s march in Rio de Janeiro on the international women day. First of all, I think thatContinue reading “First 8M march – Rio de Janeiro”

Tips & tricks, Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro

Even though the next Carnaval in Brazil is 9-months away, I decided to resume everything I learned during the Carnaval this year (Find out my experience in Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro 2019) and give a few tips & tricks for your first Carnaval. You booked your flight tickets (I guess you need no helpContinue reading “Tips & tricks, Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro”

Make friends while travelling

One of the reasons that hold people from travelling alone is the fear of being alone, it was one of my fears as well. After spending one year in Australia it was still one of my fears, travelling alone to new countries it was still one of my fears, moving to a new country itContinue reading “Make friends while travelling”