First 8M march – Rio de Janeiro

Recently I met a few women more active in Feminism which also made me think more about it. So I was so thrilled when one of the girls messaged me asking if I wanted to go to the women’s march in Rio de Janeiro on the international women day. First of all, I think thatContinue reading “First 8M march – Rio de Janeiro”

Tips & tricks, Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro

Even though the next Carnaval in Brazil is 9-months away, I decided to resume everything I learned during the Carnaval this year (Find out my experience in Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro 2019) and give a few tips & tricks for your first Carnaval. You booked your flight tickets (I guess you need no helpContinue reading “Tips & tricks, Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro”

Siem Reap – Angkor Temples, Monks & Pub Street

In the morning we took a bus to Siem Reap where we would stay 4 nights; Thank God my cousin did agree in not rushing through the temples in one day and in taking a 3-day pass for 62 USD. Yes, it is quite expensive but this will also be the only expensive thing inContinue reading “Siem Reap – Angkor Temples, Monks & Pub Street”

Make friends while travelling

One of the reasons that hold people from travelling alone is the fear of being alone, it was one of my fears as well. After spending one year in Australia it was still one of my fears, travelling alone to new countries it was still one of my fears, moving to a new country itContinue reading “Make friends while travelling”

3 weeks in Ecuador

In summer 2013 I met Sam during an English exchange in Bournemouth, UK. We ended up becoming best friends, travelling through Europe in the same summer and during 2016 as well, planning to meet again in Ecuador as she is Ecuadorian. Last year the realization of this plan slowly came true, she was supposed toContinue reading “3 weeks in Ecuador”

The struggle of learning a language

Everybody who started learning a language knows how hard it is. All these words you don’t understand, you need to learn the conjugation of the verbs and some are even irregular, add the grammar which sometimes doesn’t seem to make any sense and then there are different accents, lets not even start with slang whichContinue reading “The struggle of learning a language”

Let’s talk food Ecuador

Having a local with you does help to really get to know the country (3 weeks in Ecuador) and especially their local food. Whatever they told me to try, I did try. So here is my journey through the Ecuadorian cuisine. A few hours after my arrival I got to taste a drink called CanelazoContinue reading “Let’s talk food Ecuador”

4 days on a boat without a toilet nor electricity

To clarify we had a toilet but it was a hole in the boat, so everything ended in the ocean. But back to the beginning of it; I was on Gili Trawangan in Indonesia and met a Danish girl who told me about this trip and asked if I would go with her. The boatContinue reading “4 days on a boat without a toilet nor electricity”

Feminism is …

Mulheres sem medo de lutar! This past year I started to ask me a lot of question about gender roles: why do men are entitled to behave a specific way and the excuse is “Oh but they are men!” , why should I under no circumstances let people know I have nipples or even showContinue reading “Feminism is …”

Country of smiles – Cambodia

“I never left a country with such a big smile on my face.” About a year ago I was planning my travels which were supposed to happen in late summer. As I had a 2 1/2 week gap I told my cousin she could choose any country in Asia and I would meet her there.Continue reading “Country of smiles – Cambodia”