One of my addictions

** Updated on 09.01.2021 **

One of my favourite kind of souvenirs are…Tattoos. My grandma does so not agree with that and she hasn’t even seen the more recent and bigger ones I got on my forearms oopsss. But it did take me quite a while to finally get my first tattoo and now I am counting quite a few especially for that short time

J (043)1. After 5 years talking about getting this specific tattoo, which would also be the first one, I got it on the 22. November 2013. It is a French love song called “La Vie En Rose” from Edith Piaf, which my mum used to sing when I was a little girl. I had the idea for a while but I was waiting for the right, the perfect moment until I realised that this moment will never come as life is not perfect. I got the tattoo about a week later.

2. Another little souvenir from my stay in Rome (“Do you only travel for food?” – Rome) is a bow on my neck. To remind me that everything is a gift. My mom told me afterwards that I had an obsession with bows and used to draw them everywhere when I was a little girl, some things never change.

3. Again a tattoo I had it in my head for quite a while, “Let it be ..” also because I really like the song from the Beatles. One day my best friend send me a voice mail and at a certain point, she said “you know sometimes, just let it be ..” that’s the moment I knew I have to get it and I did.IMG-20160224-WA0000

4. “Hope” whenever I get asked why I got it or what it means I don’t really have an answer. I guess it just means what it says. Never lose hope.

5. While working out and listening to Beyoncés song Pretty Hurts, she gets asked about what here aspiration in life is and she replies “happiness”. All I want in life is to be happy and if that’s working in a bar on a tropical beach, not having a great career or a lot of money but I am happy, so be it. I got the last three tattoos all together in one session.

6. “Like the wind I am free” Just recently I found Livre como o vento. Filha da liberdade. Ela é de sagitário. meaning; Free like the wind. Daughter of freedom. She is a Sagittarius. I think that does describe me quite well especially as I am a Sagittarius.

7. Roses and “Not all those who wander are lost” in elvish ..I am a nerd haha. No, I am actually not but at this point, I felt like a book because nearly all of my tattoos were something written and I just liked what it looked like. Also, the phrase is from a poem from Lord of the Rings (the book), so I thought that would fit. Ironically I got that tattoo on valentines day so I gifted myself some roses that will last forever.Screenshot_2016-11-20-17-50-50

8. You can get the girl out of the city but never the city out of the girl that’s why I have the coat of arms from my hometown Frankfurt am Main on my ribs.

9. Sun with a moon inside; after a convo about life with someone who said there is not just A or Z but all the letter in-between and that sometimes one can’t be without the other like light and dark, good and bad, the sun and the moon. As usual, I was thinking about getting this tattoo before but after this (stoned) convo I knew I have to get it.

10. Being half German I thought that I needed something in German, being said German isn’t one of the nicest sounding languages. But “Fernweh” does describe me 100% and is such a unique German word, which you can’t accurately translate.

11. Anglewings; before going to Australia I listened to two French songs one was Je vole from  Louane, the song is talking about a child growing up and “leaving” the parents. The other song was from Olivier DionDe mes propres ailes (with my own wings). These two songs did fit my situation as I was just about to go to the other side of the world all on my own and leaving my parents. So nearly a year later I finally got the tattoo.

12. “GRL PWR” a tribute to growing up with the Spice Girls and their Girl Power. We girls should stick more together and we do need more Girl Power.

13. A little reminder to myself “I’ve got the world to go”, that sometimes this is not it yet and there is more and greater to come. Also to not getting attached to people who are not worth it (like some guys) who end up fucking you over. There is greater out there!

14. Two waves forming a heart; souvenir I got in Indonesia and symbol of my love to the ocean. They have something so magical that I could just watch them all day. 4 days on a boat without a toilet nor electricity

15. My first colourful tattoo even though I never wanted to get one; a frangipani flower. There was a hostel in Darwin where we had a massive tree with frangipanis and a table underneath, sometimes some flowers would fall into your lap. They are some of my favourite flowers and just symbolise Snapchat-1638930424something to me ..maybe the feeling I had while staying there. Shortly said, they make me instantly happy.

16. A triangle; meaning explore in hieroglyphs. Because you should never stop exploring this world and there are so many amazing things to discover. I got this in the prior one in Siem Reap – Angkor Temples, Monks & Pub Street

17. So I got two turtles and peonies as a cover-up of number 5. (the happiness tattoo).  While in Lombok, Indonesia I had two little girls teaching me Bahasa on the beach. One of them screamed “kurakura” (turtle) as I was wearing an anklet with a turtle. Two little girls; two little turtles and sea turtles are some of my favourite animals. Can you even imagine how happy I was to see some while snorkelling in Labuan Bajo?

18. One of the first ones that don’t really have a meaning. Mirella my little Brazilian elephant with a flower crown. I wanted to get it while in Africa or whenever I see a happy elephant because elephants are some of my other favourite animals. To be honest I didn’t really want to wait that long and there was an amazing tattooist in town. As usual, I went there with a picture I want that but in prettier and this is what I got. He took the outlines of the elephant and draw the flowers and little gems from scratch on my skin.

1Screenshot_2017-12-23-17-29-01-19. “Vamos viver nossos sonhos, temos tao pouco tempo” from the song Como Tudo Deve Ser from Charlie Brown Jr. a Brazilian band. Years ago I read that sentence somewhere and loved it because it is so trueee (let’s go and live our dreams, we have so little time). So I said one day when I finally make it to Brazil I will get it there. Took me longer than planned but I made it to Brazil and I got the tattoo. Dreams do come true.

20. Because I always get a bunch of tattoos at the same time that way they are a bit cheaper haha especially if you want smaller ones. I got IX in Roman numerals because I am a 9 in numerology and it says a lot about my personality.

During spring 2018 I moved to Lisbon, Portugal and after a while, I just needed a new tattoo, especially since I had a break for about 10 months. Old habits I got three little tattoos at once.

21. The rose from beauty and the beast; I watched the movie again and liked the meaning of it.

22. A sparkler because it reminds me of growing up in Germany as we use them during Birthday parties or New Years.

23. As planned a Wave; a thousand if not even millions of people have this little wave. Still, in Brazil, I was thinking off getting it with some friends I met there. We ended up not to get it as you shouldn’t go in the water with a new tattoo that means also no surfing, the reason we were all there. As we all left at different periods and not going surfing for a few days was a big no-no, we did not get the matching tattoos. At the end of 2018, it was time to get it permanently.

24. As a tribute to where it all began and exactly 5 years after getting my first tattoo, I got the coordinates of a place in Rome, as well as “..amo la vita più che mai” on my leg.

25. And in the same session I got ..a slice of pizza on my bum ..I love pizza! Not even my dad was surprised by this as he always expected me to get a pizza tattoo sooner or later. More about my love for Italian food in “Do you only travel for food?” – Rome and Oh Sicily, your food is heaven!

26. Pineapple; for an unknown reason to me I had that in my mind. A friend told me it would fit me as it symbolizes “welcome”. Spontaneously I got it with a girl I just met, she also convinced me to add “Wild Heart” which was a part of her tattoo. Needless to say, we are friends now.


27. And back to my favourite tattoo artist Galante and to a tattoo, I had in my mind for over a year. Beija Flor e hibiscus; I saw my first hummingbird in Brazil and as often before it stayed stuck in my mind. Arriving in Recreio dos Bandeirantes a suburb of Rio de Janeiro, I saw a couple of Colibri graffitis and that was my sign; I need to get this! Even just as an honour to “Finding my true love” – Brazil. Unfortunately I had to wait a year before getting it as Galante is located in Brazil but eventually, I did. After getting it I saw three hummingbirds within a week!! They are super rare and hard to see, lucky me.

28. Not sure how to describe this tattoo I got on my wrist. You could say its kind of an oriental looking tattoo, like henna.

29. Starting my full-sleeve with the above-mentioned tattoo, I added more in one session. Yes, finally I got a beautiful mermaid on my upper arm and her nipples are free 😉

30. “Happiness” which I actually already had (see number 5) but I got it covered up because it was badly done. I still liked the meaning of it and wanted it back. Also, someone once told me you should always have an even amount of tattoos and who am I to go against that rule? Especially when it involves tattoos. While in London I decided it was about time to do so and I did! Perfect little souvenir.

31. Last year I got a tattoo of my two cats on my wrist, showing half the head of each cat, forming together a whole head. I just love my cats sooooo much, so I wanted to always have them with me. Right above that tattoo, I got:

32. The words “Nothing but magic” I can not remember where I picked this sentence up, it must have been a movie or similar, but I liked it straight away so I decided to get it sooner or later and I did.

33. As planned for a long time, I finally got “Why” tattoed on one foot and “Not?!” on the other one. I am just obsessed with the way it turned out, even more beautiful than I immagined because I did not want a simple writting but a bit more

34. I feel like when you get your first tattooes you really want them to have a lot of meaning but with the time you just get anything tattoed, at least I do 😉 So I got a “Kiss here” tattoed. Where? I will leave that to your immagination

35. Because I know how lucky and blessed I am to have all these oportunities, like traveling etc. So I got the words “Blessed” under my big colorfull hibiscus flower.

At this point I have to check my own body because I cannot hold track of my own tattooes, I was pretty sure that I have 36 at the moment but it does seem like I don’t. At least not yet!

By the way; if you are interested in the guy who made the tattoos 18-20 and 27-29. He is the best tattoo artist I ever had! So if you get lost near Santos in Brazil, pass by at Galante Tattoo in Bertioga but make sure to take an appointment as you might have to wait for about 3 months. Otherwise, he is sometimes working in Dublin, Ireland like this summer (think it was May – July). Unfortunately, I don’t know in which studio but his Facebook is Galante if you wanna find out.

You could say that I am addicted to tattoos, there are some I am thinking about getting for years and other I just decide to get them in a heartbeat. Some of them aren’t well done and I wouldn’t do them again but still, I have to say that I don’t regret any single one. And of course I have a thousand of ideas in my head, some tattoos I am thinking about getting in the future! Some I am sure about and others where I am still waiting for the sign!

Some ideas for the future

As I have most of my colorfull tattooes on my right side, I decided to keep it like that so far and would like to add a big colorfull phoenix on my hip and upper leg. A Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix styled phoenix.

Still planning on getting a full-sleeve I would like to get a manta ray on my lower arm. I saw some while snorkelling in Indonesia and they are so beautiful. As the arm is inspired by the ocean I’d like to get a seahorse on my upper arm next to the mermaid.

A little palm tree with a VW van and/or a sun; symbolizing my stay at Rio Surf’n’Stay and also that things have to end and that you need to move on from loved places.

A glass of Caipirinha, I love them as much as I love pizza.

A Sak Yant Tattoo; more specific the Yuan Suea where two tigers are facing each other. These tattoos are from Thailand, every tattoo design represents a magical desire and a blessing intention. Therefore they should get done by a Monk or Ajarn with bamboo. This is why I decided to do it as it should be done, in Thailand by an Ajarn. Guess it is about time to plan my trip to Thailand then : )

Something symbolizing Feminism and some amazing girls I met in Brazil 2019, so far I did not get an idea yet. We will see what the future brings 🙂

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