Some of my favorite Vegan spots in Paris

Eating vegan in France is finally getting easier, especially in a big city like Paris. So if you are going to visit Paris and are searching for some vegan restaurants, look no further! If you already have been to Paris before and know all of the known sights, check out my post Another side of Paris in a long weekend where you will find little hidden passageways, streets, and street art.

Maison Nomade – 10eme
(140 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin)

I passed by this little cafe a couple of times and decided to have breakfast there one morning. The inside with the tables and a lot of plants, everything just looks amazing! The food was different, I had a Super Bowl with acerola, topped with fruits like plum and banana, and some seeds and nuts. Accompanied by a Flat White not with regular milk but with almond milk. I think that it is a little bit expensive as I paid around 15 € but I think it is ok to go there once in a while.

Hank Burger – 3eme et 10eme
(8 Rue de Rochechouart or 55 Rue des Archives)

You might already know them from Paris post (Another side of Paris in a long weekend), they are one of my favourite places and the burgers are just amazing. They have five different types of burgers and if you add 2,00 € you can have them with the beyond meat. After a lot of thinking, as I do not like the meat taste, I just had to try it and it is really amazing!

Hank Pizza – 3eme
(18 Rue des Gravilliers, close to Place de la République)

Belonging to the above-mentioned Hank but here they serve surprise surprise PIZZA. Who knows me a little bit knows that I love pizza so much. No wonder after living in Italy right? “Do you only travel for food?” – Rome and check out Oh Sicily, your food is heaven! while you are at it. I love pizza that much that I even got it tattooed (check out One of my addictions to find out where on my body that tattoo is). Trying to eat as vegan as possible, one of the things holding me back where pizzas or pizze, so finding this place made me so super happy. When I went there it was already after 7 pm and they did not have that many options anymore, so I guess going there during the day is better. But I still got to try a piece of tomato pizza as well as their vegan nuggets which are amazing. I will defenitely go back there!

Sol Semilla – 10 ème
(23 Rue des Vinaigriers, close to Gare de l’Est)

A few times I passed their bright turquoise facade as they are close to Gare de l’Est and close to my work. On a rainy day, I decided to go there as I could not really bother to walk around a lot. They have a few tables inside, sell all sorts of acerola powder, etc. and there is even a cat in the shop. I tried the deconstructed cheesecake and a guarana hot chocolate, side note they do not have coffee. Their Acai Bowl looks amazing! Like really really amazing and I am not easy to amaze when it comes to acai especially after having the real one and some of the best ones in Brazil. Next time I am in Paris I will try the bowl for sure.

La Palanche d’Âulac9ème
(13 Rue Rodier)

I think this is my absolute favorite place to eat in Paris. In walking distance to Gare de l’Est or close to the metro Poissonnière is La Palanche d’Aulac which has vegan Vietnamese cuisine. The menu is not super big, they have about six main courses which are also available as XL portions, and serve appetizers like spring rolls and desserts. I tried the Bò Bún Nems which was a big bowl with salad, noodles, des nems which apparently are called egg rolls in English, and mint. How good is mint in savory meals, it was suuuuuuper delicious, really really tasty. It cost 9,50 € which is a very good price for Paris, also it was quite a big portion, at least for me. Enough to fill my belly. If you are going here at the weekend it would be better to make a reservation. I went on a Sunday around 7:30 pm and it was fine but she told me that the table was reserved for 9:30 pm. I loved it that much that I even went there

Cloud Cake – 2ème
(6 Rue Mandar, close to Les Halles)

A little café close to Les Halles, you have to look for it though as it is a bit hidden. But you can easily recognize it from its bright blue facade. I went here a couple of times for little sweet treats and coffee. They do have breakfast and lunch options, which seemed so good I just had to try it out. So I went back for breakfast one day, luckily they just opened and it was rather empty.

Hot Vog
(10bis Rue Vavin)

The name says it all, yes Vegan Hotdogs. Even though I stopped eating meat ages ago, one of my favorite meat meals besides burger and kebabs were hot dogs. The happier I was to find a vegan version, which by the way just tastes amazing. The place itself is very small with only one table outside but Le Jardin du Luxembourg is just a short walk away. So after deciding between the different options, I took one with bbq sauce, fried onions, and cornichon, I went to the Jardin du Luxembourg to eat it next to the main fountain while watching the kids playing with the old school wooden sailing boats.

Abattoir Végètal – 18ème
(61 Rue Ramey)

We went here around 3 pm to which time they only serve drinks as well as little snacks. Proper meals are only served during lunch and dinner time. The decor of that place is stunning though.

And especially for the sweet tooth, check out :

VG Pâtisserie – Pâtisserie Végétale – 20ème
(123 Boulevard Voltaire)

One of my dreams was to find a vegan pâtisserie with amazing vegan tartelettes because I just love french pâtisserie! I found this place online and had to check it out when I met with a friend in Paris (Another side of Paris in a long weekend) and it was just heaven. The cakes are so fluffy and tasty. Last time in Paris I went back to have breakfast there. Yes, they do have vegan croissants as well, which I obviously had to try but I could not resist eating two pieces of cake for breakfast. The advantages of being a grown-up = having cake for breakfast.

Boneshaker Doughnuts – 2ème
(77 Rue d’Aboukir)

Earlier this year Emily a friend of mine was going to Paris, as I was not sure if I could join her or not I wanted to make at least sure that she tries some amazing vegan food as she took so good care of me when I was in London (she brought me to some of the most amazing places, find them here – London and Brighton – here). You might know from these posts that she LOVES doughnuts and I realized that I did not know any vegan place in Paris that has doughnuts, this is how I found Boneshaker Doughnuts. They are located close to Cloud Cake and Les Halles, the place itself is rather small and has only a few seats available.

A few other places that where on my list but I did not have time to check out are these:

  • World Food Barn (248 Rue Saint-Jacques, close to Jardin du Luxembourg)
  • Le Potager du Marais (24 Rue Rambuteau)
  • Comptoir Veggie (75 Avenue Ledru-Rollin)
  • EatLikePanda (17 Rue Sedaine)
  • Veggie Tasty (78 Rue la Fayette)
  • Veg’ Art (123 Rue Oberkampf)
  • Les petites Patisseries Raw & Vegan (44 Rue du Chemin Vert)
  • Sunday’s Coffee Paris (171 Boulevard Voltaire)

Another good address would be Pret à Manger because they have a lot of locations all around Paris (I think about 20) and usually have a vegetarian or vegan option. They also do offer coffees with almond or coconut rice milk.

My favorite website to find restaurants, cafes as well as supermarkets is HappyCow where you just enter the city you’re going and then you can choose different criteria like vegan, vegetarian, veg-friendly, what kind of cuisine, etc.

More vegan food in Strasbourg, London London Baby, and Brighton – Gay Capital & Vegan Paradise. Or cooking vegan at home in Week 1: Vegan & Plastic-free Life


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