Make friends while travelling

One of the reasons that hold people from travelling alone is the fear of being alone, it was one of my fears as well. After spending one year in Australia it was still one of my fears, travelling alone to new countries it was still one of my fears, moving to a new country it was still one of my fears and now moving soon to a new city it is again one of my fears. Fact is, we will always be worried about this even knowing we won’t be alone.

A different mindset.

A fact is, I met some of my best and closest friends while travelling. I imagine it is due to the fact that while travelling you don’t have the pressure of being someone, the pressure you have at home being surrounded by friends and family who knew you for years. But while travelling you can just invent yourself new, be that version of yourself you always have been too scared to be. You starting opening yourself to new things, you do things you have never imagined doing and end up growing. You also see how other people live and start to have a different viewpoint on some things, even about your own way of growing up. You meet people from different countries, race, religion or social class, they are so different yet so similar to you. People you would have never met staying at home!

For me, the first contact is so important. Often even though I just met that person and it’s our first conversation, I just openly spoke about what was on my mind and did not think about what that person would think about me. Like talking about my love for Brazil with this girl I met at 7 am during breakfast, she loved Brazil as well and up to today, we are still friends (and even visited each other and spend New Years in Brazil together). A few times while saying the craziest things and while saying it I thought „Wow they will think you are crazy“ and I ended up spending the next days only with them.

These points will let you open up to these complete strangers and have some of the most honest conversations, even more, honest than with some of your longest friends.

The great thing meeting friends while travelling is that you spend nearly all day with that person so you end up doing a lot of things, have great conversations, share special moments which will make the little time you spend together feel like so much longer! But if it is after a few days, a week or even months sooner or later this day will always come ..the day when you have to say Goodbye!! We make promises of visiting each other and plan trips together, to keep in contact and call each other. Fact is, most of the time we lose contact after a while, jobs, the time difference etc don’t work in our favour. Even bigger is the joy when you see some again. So if you end up keep on staying in contact, visiting each other or completely losing contact we will always have unforgettable memories together ❤

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The word that describes me best is "Fernweh" and you are going to find out what it means to me! Including spicy food, trying out Vegan food, accidentally ordering 'Shit', finding my true love, realizing everything is possible and hopefully ending up finding that place I will call home.

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